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Retail Supplier Offering Energy Services At "Permanent" Storefront Inside Wal-Mart
App Shows NRG’s Strategy for Connected Home, Services
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Texas Start-up Seeking To Use Pressurized Water Injected Into Oil Field To Generate Power, Storage
The Guardian (U.K) reports on Quidnet Energy, which is seeking to create an electricity storage solution by injecting water into former oil and field ...
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Illinois City Warns of "Aggressive" Retail Energy Marketers
The City of Oak Forest, Illinois, which recently dropped municipal aggregation customers back to ComEd, has warned residents of what it termed "a...
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Direct Energy Creates Specialized Panoramic Power Offering For Schools
Direct Energy Business has launched Panoramic Plus Curriculum, a service aimed at schools which combines the energy monitoring of its Panoramic Power ...
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Texas Muni Agency Recommends Selling Power Plant in ERCOT
The board of the Texas Municipal Power Agency, comprised of the municipal utilities of Denton, Bryan, Garland and Greenville, have recommended selling...
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PUC Cancels Broker Licenses
The Pennsylvania PUC issued on August 23 a final order concerning its June 30, 2016 tentative order which had proposed to cancel the licenses of some ...
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#NotOnlyREPs: Austin Energy Rate Settlement Criticized For Penalizing Customers For Conserving Power
A rate settlement at muni Austin Energy is being criticized by some stakeholders for changes in its tiered rate structure under which rates paid by al...
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ConEd, O&R, National Grid Draft Low-Income ESCO Moratorium Letters Contain Pejorative Language
National Grid and (separately) Consolidated Edison and Orange & Rockland have filed draft customer notice letters concerning the New York PSC's prohib...
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PUC "Considering Banning" Door-to-Door Retail Energy Sales
The New Hampshire PUC is, "considering banning," door-to-door retail energy solicitations, the Laconia (NH) Daily Sun reports The Daily S...
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"No More Value" In Muni Aggregations, Official Says, As Villages Return To Default Service
The Village of Morton Grove is the latest Illinois municipal aggregation to return customers to Commonwealth Edison for supply, citing a lack of savin...
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Chron Says Texas REPs "Under Investigation", In Story On Generators’ Push for More Admin. Pricing
In a story examining Texas generators' push for what is essentially greater administrative scarcity pricing in ERCOT, the Houston Chronicle wrote,...
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PSC Warns Customers After Report Door Knocker Falsely Claimed He Was From PSC
The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) said it has received a report that an individual is misrepresenting himself as an employee of the MPSC a...
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PJM Seeks To Change M&V for Demand Response, Customer Baseline Load
PJM has filed tariff changes at FERC to modify how Emergency Load Response Program participants under the Full Program Option are compensated for load...
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Customers At Texas Muni Launch Petition to Implement Retail Choice
Over 550 residents of Cuero, Texas have signed a petition for the City Of Cuero to implement retail electric choice at its municipal utility within ER...
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Wisconsin Industrials Say High Electric Prices May Push Them Out Of State, Seek Choice
Wisconsin industrials are again pressing for a form of electric choice, stating that the state's high monopoly electric rates make them uncompetitive,...
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Houston Chron Takes A Look At M-Trigen, Home Powerplant
The Houston Chronicle has published a feature on Houston-based M-Trigen and its PowerAire system which uses natural gas to provide residential and sma...
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