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Retail Supplier Offering Energy Services At "Permanent" Storefront Inside Wal-Mart
App Shows NRG’s Strategy for Connected Home, Services
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Calpine Cancels Texas Power Plant Slated For Co-op
Calpine announced that, in April 2017, it canceled an agreement with Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative (GVEC) related to the construction of a 418...
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ERCOT Reports On Process For Co-optimization Consideration
ERCOT filed a letter with the Texas PUC outlining a schedule to consider co-optimization of energy and operating reserves in the real-time market (RTC...
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Solar Developer Launches Solar Block/Index Power Purchasing Strategy, Aimed At Retail Choice States
7X Energy, Inc., a developer of utility-scale solar, announced the availability of "SolarBlocks," which it described as the first block-and-index powe...
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FE Settles Coal Contract Dispute, Other Disputes Could Still Prompt FES Bankruptcy
FirstEnergy in an SEC filing disclosed that, in connection with the previously disclosed arbitration proceeding between FirstEnergy Generation, LLC (F...
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Executive Director -- Retail Supplier
Director/Manager Channel Sales -- Retail Supplier -- Houston
Director of Billing Operations
Analyst, Supply/Settlements -- Retail Supplier -- Houston
Manager of Supply -- Retail Provider -- Dallas

Report: NV Energy Not Interested In Serving As Default Supplier, Energy Choice Committee Has 1st Mtg
The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Governor’s Committee on Energy Choice held its initial meeting, during which it heard about how the mar...
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Google Seeks Nevada Declaratory Order On Competitive Power Options
Google has submitted a petition for a declaratory order to the Nevada PUC concerning competitive power options for a site to be developed near Reno, t...
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Update: Senate Passes Bill To Terminate Authority For General Land Office To Sell Retail Power
The Texas Senate recently passed a bill SB 736 that would terminate the statutory grant of authority that currently allows the Texas General Land Offi...
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Reliant Unveils Latest Smart Home In Houston
The Houston Chronicle and Houston Business Journal both report on Reliant's latest smart home, which includes testing of various connected home apps a...
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Pepco Reports Billing Error That Led To Retail Suppliers Charging Customers For Incorrect Usage
Pepco reported to the District of Columbia PSC a billing error under which residential Net Energy Metering (NEM) customers with Third Party Suppliers,...
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Trader Says PJM’s "Informal" Price Corrections Are "Destabilizing" to the Market
Energy trader Monterey Enterprises, LLC and affiliate, Monterey MA, LLC wrote to the PJM board operator concerning a dispute resulting from the treatm...
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Analysts Speculate Dynegy Takeover Target For Vistra Energy (TXU Parent)
Writing in Bloomberg Gadfly, Liam Denning notes analyst speculation that Dynegy could offer itself as an acquisition target, with analysts musing Vist...
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Report: FirstEnergy Competitive Sub. Awaits Judgment That May Hasten Bankruptcy
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports on lawsuits concerning coal contracts which may hasten the bankruptcy of various FirstEnergy competitive subsidiar...
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Legacy of Capacity Market: Has Electricity Deregulation Hit A Wall?
Writing in the Houston Chronicle, James Osborne covers recent remarks made by FERC Chair Cheryl LaFleur, who, on discussing various state-mandated pur...
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ENGIE Marks Completion of Houston Solar Plant
ENGIE announced that ENGIE’s 50 MW SolaireHolman plant serving the City of Houston, Texas is now online, and is capable of providing up to 10.5%...
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Calif. Amusement Park To Purchase Renewable Power From Municipal Aggregation
Municipal aggregator Silicon Valley Power (SVP) announced that California’s Great America, Santa Clara’s 100-acre amusement park, will cover 100% of i...
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