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Retail Supplier Offering Energy Services At "Permanent" Storefront Inside Wal-Mart
App Shows NRG’s Strategy for Connected Home, Services
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CenterPoint TDU Suspending DNPs , Citing Safety, Minimization of AMS Reconnects From Freezing Precip
CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric issued a market notice January 16 stating that it is suspending disconnect for non-pay orders on Tuesday, January ...
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Shell to Acquire Interest in U.S. Solar Business
Shell announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire a 43.83% interest in U.S. solar company Silicon Ranch Corporation (Silicon Ranch) from fund...
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Crius Announces 2% Distribution Increase
Crius Energy Trust announced that the Board of Directors of Crius Energy Administrator Inc., the administrator of the Trust has approved a 2% increase...
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State Rep., Businesses File Support For LP&L Move To Retail Choice
A Texas state rep. and several businesses and large customers have filed comments with the Texas PUC supporting the stated intent of Lubbock Power & L...
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Executive Director -- Retail Supplier
Director/Manager Channel Sales -- Retail Supplier -- Houston
Director of Billing Operations
Analyst, Supply/Settlements -- Retail Supplier -- Houston
Manager of Supply -- Retail Provider -- Dallas

PA Energy Ratings Launches Pennsylvania Energy Comparison Mobile Shopping Apps
Electricity Ratings LLC announced the launch of iOS and Droid Pennsylvania Energy Ratings apps. The apps feature customer reviews and allow users to...
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FERC Denies Sought Transfer of FirstEnergy Competitive Generation To West Virginia Utility
FERC has denied without prejudice a proposed transaction under which Allegheny Energy Supply Company was to transfer the Pleasants Power Station to M...
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Commission Rejects Placing Florida Electric Choice Initiative On Ballot
A committee of Florida's Constitution Revision Commission has voted to reject placing Proposal 51, which would have required the introduction of e...
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Report: Shell Considering Bid For Parent Of Dutch Retail Supplier, Green Energy Co.
Shell is mulling a bid for Eneco, a Dutch company which, among other things, acts as a retail supplier and is engaged in renewable energy, De Telegraa...
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Florida Power & Light CEO: Customers Have Been "Victimized" By Electric Deregulation
In an op-ed opposing Proposal 51, a ballot question which would introduce electric choice to Florida, Eric Silagy, president and CEO of Florida Power ...
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Luminant Justifies Reliance On Statutory Exemption In Determining MW Used For Market Share Calc.
In a response to an RFI from Staff of the Texas PUC, Luminant has provided justification for its exclusion from the numerator, in a calculation of its...
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Luminant Confirms No Longer Marketing One Of Its Assets, Will Retire Unit
In an RFI response to Texas PUC Staff concerning its proposed merger with Dynegy, Luminant confirmed that the sale process for its Big Brown was not s...
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Former LPL Board Member Says Utility Can’t Allow Retail Choice While 1/3 Of Load Still In SPP
Charles Dunn, a former member of Lubbock Power and Light's electric utility board, has said that the utility cannot offer retail competition to cu...
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Would Deregulating The Electric Industry Save Floridians Money?
Florida political journal The Capitolist takes a look at Proposal 51, filed by Florida Energy Freedom, which would amend the state's constitution to m...
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Bloomberg Covers Growth Of Opt-Out Municipal Aggregations
Bloomberg has published a story on the growth of opt-out municipal electric aggregations, with a focus on community choice aggregation in California ...
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Report: Reg. Affairs Manager For Retail Supplier Exploring New York Assembly Candidacy
The Albany Times-Union reports that Kandi Terry, a former Senior Budget Analyst/Policy Analyst at the New York State Senate who now serves as a manage...
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