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Retail Supplier Offering Energy Services At "Permanent" Storefront Inside Wal-Mart
App Shows NRG’s Strategy for Connected Home, Services
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Pa. Tentative Order Would Cancel Licenses Of Several Active Retail Suppliers, Brokers
The Pennsylvania PUC on April 19 issued another tentative order proposing to cancel the licenses of 4 retail suppliers licensed to serve load, includi...
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New York PSC Approves Utility Energy Data Registry For Use By Municipal Aggregations, Other Parties
The New York PSC adopted an order directing the creation of the Utility Energy Registry, an on-line platform offering public access to customer-load d...
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Pa. Adopts Final Order Limiting Solar RPS Eligibility To In-State Resources
The Pennsylvania PUC voted to adopt a final order to implement Act 40 of 2017 and limit resources which qualify as Tier I solar Alternative Energy Por...
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FERC Issues State Of The Markets Report
FERC Staff presented an annual state of the markets report. See below: Report Presentation...
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Executive Director -- Retail Supplier
Director/Manager Channel Sales -- Retail Supplier -- Houston
Director of Billing Operations
Analyst, Supply/Settlements -- Retail Supplier -- Houston
Manager of Supply -- Retail Provider -- Dallas

PUC Denies FirstEnergy Solutions Request To Maintain Lower Level Of Security, Citing Bankruptcy
The Pennsylvania PUC, via Secretarial letter, has denied a request from FirstEnergy Solutions to renew its Electric Generation Supplier financial sec...
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Walmart Expands Renewable Energy Purchases, Installations, Will Install Hundreds Of More EV Chargers
In announcing various sustainability initiatives, Walmart discussed recent progress in renewable energy procurements that will move it closer towards ...
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Crius to Put Forward Governance Amendments for Unitholder Approval at Annual General Meeting
Crius Energy Trust (TSX:KWH.UN) (the "Trust", "Crius" or the "Company") today announced that it will seek unitholder app...
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Pa. PUC Chairman Gladys Brown Unanimously Confirmed for Second Term
The Pennsylvania state Senate unanimously confirmed the nomination of Chairman Gladys M. Brown to her second five-year term as a PUC Commissioner. ...
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Duke Energy Ohio Files New Bypassable Retail Energy, Capacity Rates For Default Service
Duke Energy Ohio has filed proposed updates, to be effective June 1, to Rider RE (retail energy) and Rider RC (retail capacity), two of the largest co...
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Top Two Nevada Democrat Gubernatorial Candidates Oppose Electric Choice
The Nevada Independent Reports that Clark County commissioners Steve Sisolak and Chris Giunchigliani, which the Independent describes as the top two D...
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FERC Affirms Broad Jurisdiction Over Energy Efficiency Resources, Participation
FERC issued an order denying rehearing of a recent order in which FERC broadly asserted authority over energy efficiency resources (EER) and their par...
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JCP Alleges Crius Holding Company Engaged In "Entrenching" Behavior
JCP Investment Management, LLC (together with its affiliates, “JCP”) a significant unitholder of Crius Energy Trust (“Crius” or the “Trust”) alleged t...
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Dayton Power & Light Files New Default Service Rates
Dayton Power & Light has filed with PUCO proposed new default service rates under Tariff G10, Standard Offer Rate (SOR) See the new SOR rates here, t...
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ERCOT Files Report On Effectiveness, Benefits Of Emergency Response Service
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. (ERCOT) has filed with the Texas PUC a report on the effectiveness and benefits of the Emergency Respo...
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NJ Passes Nuclear Subsidy Bill Limiting Purchase Obligations To Distribution Utilities
The New Jersey House and Senate both passed S2313, a bill providing subsidies to nuclear units via zero emissions certificates, with the ZEC purchase ...
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